If you don't rescue, don't breed ... Until there are none, ADOPT ONE!

Apply to Foster

Be one of our trusted foster homes! Help save the lives of homeless pets.

Cry For Help Rescue has no adoption facility or shelter. Your home allows us to save another homeless and abandoned pet facing euthanasia.


Please be committed to the challenges and rewards of being a foster home. Learn more below.

The Road Back Home

Foster homes are the backbone of our organization and are essential to provide the care needed for our pets to make their transition back into a forever home.  Our dogs are housed entirely in foster homes as we do not have our own facility. We need foster homes in order to rescue animals set to be euthanized. This gives the animal the time needed to be re-homed into a dedicated, responsible environment. Foster homes are also able to assist in overcoming any side-effects and stress the animal is experiencing from their journey and help us make the best decisions on placement and needs for our pets. There are many different kinds of foster homes:  Emergency Foster Care, Safe-House Foster Care, Short-term Foster Care and most important, Regular/Permanent Foster Care.

All foster animals are evaluated physically and behaviorally and home evaluation will be completed before any foster animal is placed in foster care.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home for Cry for Help Rescue, please complete this HOME APPLICATION.doc and send it to

It is a rewarding experience to know you took part in saving a life. 

No Easy Task

Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences. There's nothing like taking the dog that came to you dirty, scared and with forgotten house manners and transforming it into "best in show", and finding it a perfect forever home. But it's not without it's challenges...

Rescue dogs often need work relearning basic house manners and commands, likely the reason they found themselves there. As the foster home, you're critical in the rehabilitation of your foster dog back into a normal home environment. You will likely need to work on house training - most rescue dogs have been kept in a crate or kennel for most of the day for extended periods of time. Many rescue dogs are adults and will relearn this behavior in a short time. There could be another behavioral concern you may need to address too. It's important we be made aware of anything you notice so we can provide the proper support and advice.

Once you commit to fostering, it's critical you stick with it because most times there will be no other place for the dog to go. We so understand certain behaviors are not manageable by everyone. All we ask, is that you come into fostering with an understanding that it's a tough job and you're prepared to give it your all. Seeing a dog through to the end is one of the best feelings you can have.

I'm Interested, Now What?

The first step to becoming a foster home is to complete and return the Foster Home Application. Once we review your application we'll be in touch to arrange for a home visit. The home visit ensures we are on the same page regarding what it means to be a foster home.


1. Ability or permission to house the animal at your residence
2. Clean and safe environment - free of debris or items that may be hazardous to our dogs
3. Fresh water
4. Fresh, good quality dog food
5. Ability to administer any prescription medications (typically oral medicines)
6. Providing a stable environment
7. Ability to bring your foster to our adoption events or arrange for transportation
8. Must be 21 or older

To speak to a current foster home, ask questions and find out more contact


What Am I Responsible For?

As a foster home, you are primarily responsible for the welfare of our pets until they are adopted. We are currently looking for foster homes that can help us take daily care of our animals and assist us in making our pets the most adoptable they can be. Providing a stable environment and being able to sense what your foster dog needs is a key part of a successful foster home experience. We are extremely interested in working with foster homes that are willing to bring their animals to and from our adoption events at Petco in Downer's Grove and PetSmart in Arlington Height's on pre-planned Saturday's from 1-4pm. This exposure is the best way to get our pets adopted. We will also need your help accommodating potential adopters in meeting your foster dog which typically means meeting at a half way point for a meet and greet, meeting a rescue volunteer at a central location like Hinsdale or Downer's Grove for transports, or even assisting in the drop off of your foster to its new home.

While in your care, Cry For Help Rescue will arrange for and cover any medical treatment and costs. Foster animals MUST receive treatment at an approved Cry For Help Vet, unless other arrangements are pre-approved through Jean Lazzaro. We must receive and approve a quote for any treatment taking place at an unapproved vet prior to okaying the treatment being administered. This is an uncommon situation, but if it occurs it can all be done through the phone while your at the vet. Should your foster pet be receiving any medicines while in your care you would need to be comfortable administering treatment, commonly a pill.

All decisions regarding the animals placement or otherwise can only be decided by an official Cry For Help Rescue representative. Foster homes may not place animals on their own.

A completed adoption application and contract, check for the adoption fee, and home check must be provided before any animal is placed into a prospective home.

By taking in a foster pet you agree to provide basic care which includes having fresh water available at all times, provide the recommended amount of a quality food each day, purchase the food, allow the animal a means to relieve itself regularly, treat it as a part of your family allowing it to be with you, follow advice and requests of rescue officials, and to make an effort to work with your foster pet to make it the most adoptable it can be.

Ideally, foster homes will arrange for their foster pets to be at all adoption events where they can meet potential adopters and get the maximum exposure. We also have a team available at events to take photos and videos of our pets for the website which increase the chance of adoption.

Cry For Help Rescue Provides:

Collar and leash
Information on previous medical treatments
Ensures animal has vaccinations
Covers costs of medical treatment while in foster care
Marketing for adoption
Makes decisions on animals welfare

Foster Home Provides:
Purchases quality food
Gives daily care, water/food

Safe, clean environment
Exposure at events - Highly Preferred
May help with adoption home check and drop-off (If Desired)
(Ideally) New collar
(Ideally) Maintains at home grooming (brushing, nail trimmings)
(Ideally) Provides appealing photos
(Ideally) Assists with training and "adoptability"

Contact us now about being coming one of our trusted foster homes.