If you don't rescue, don't breed ... Until there are none, ADOPT ONE!


Cry For Help Rescue is truly appreciative of all donations we receive.  We cannot thank you enough for wanting to donate to help the animals in need in the name of a beloved family member, friend or acquaintance.  We know this is a time of great sadness, please accept our condolences.

Mary Pabst

It is with great sadness at the passing of Mary Pabst.  Mary was such a loving and caring person.  She adopted Ollie from Cry For Help Rescue back in 2011.  He had a hard life and very afraid of people.  He bonded with Mary, Doug and dick and became a loving part of their family.  Ollie was a wonderful little beagle with Mary and her family and they loved him dearly.  I know he must miss her terribly.  Mary always supported Cry For Help through the years and we were so grateful for that support.  Mary will truly be missed.

 Here is an email I received from Mary after her family adopted Ollie.

Hi Jean!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Well, it has been 3 months since we met you at the Hodgkins Petco and adopted Oliver.  As you said, at 3 months, you see the dog you will have.  Let me tell you about the little guy!

He loves to be cuddled, he runs like the wind, and has a nose that can detect any morsel of food in DuPage county!!   I’ve had a lot of success with the raw dog food and kibbles, and so far he is maintaining a very sleek physique… as you know, hard to do with a beagle!!  I learned a lot of lessons with our first beagle, and have been successful with the feeding issues anyway… I’d be lying if I said anything other than “the little guy rules the roost”!!

 As you remember, Ollie was chained to a fence and abandoned.  I am so thankful for your friends in Kentucky who found him and got him to you.   As you might imagine, he still has some abandonment issues and can get very scared in new situations.  He goes to doggie play dates every Friday and they report that he is getting very comfortable around other dogs.  He is about to complete basic obedience training – sometimes he actually sits on command!  Now that the weather is nice it will be much easier to practice with him outside.  Even though he is now about a year old, many of the puppy behaviors continue, but that’s fine… he certainly missed a lot of loving in his first year and needs to make that up!  The quiet little guy you saw has become quite vocal!  I’m glad my neighbors get up early, as he has been chasing along the fence with the joggers out in the street behind our yard and letting know that they are near his house!!  Right now he is barking up a storm at the cardinal and robin perched on the bush outside!!

 Thanks again for all you do.  If you want to use his picture or any of my comments feel free.  I have given your name to several folks, so hopefully they will contact you as the opportunity comes up for them to adopt.  One of these days I will bring him to an open house for you to see him.  I have been hesitant to up to this point, as I didn’t want him to think we were going to leave him again.  He has made a lot of progress in the last few weeks, so hopefully that means he has come to understand that he finally has a permanent home!

 Mary, Doug, and Dick Pabst