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Cry For Help Rescue recommends a 3 year rabies after the initial rabies shot the animal receives.  There has been a lot of research on the hazards of over vaccinating.  Because we do not know the history of the animals we take in, our vets require us to give them a one-year rabies vaccine, after that (for their health) they should receive a 3-year rabies.  Please read about vaccinosis on the web and be an informed dog owner.  We also recommend a yearly heartworm test (because of our changing weather we are inundated with mosquitoes, which is the only way a dog can get heartworm).  We have treated a significant number of new cases because of this.  If you take your dog to the dog park (not recommended), they are subject to a number of parasites because of the droppings left on the ground.  We highly recommend yearly fecals.  Thank you